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A Friendship Poem
Students practice reading a poem about friendship. ..
ABC Order-Apples
Students practice abc order by cutting and pasting apples in abc order. ..
Apple Poetry
Students practice reading the poem about apples. ..
Book Report
Students write a report on a piece of literature. (title, author, Illustrator,problem, main chara..
Brochure Book Report
Students create a book report in the form of a brochure.. (title, author, Illustrator, setting, m..
Dolch Pre-Primer Words PPT
7 slides Dolch Pre-pimer words. Click and words appear for students to practice. A new twist to f..
Fact Or Opinion
16 slides about fact and opinion. Students decide which sentences are fact or opinion. Fun colorf..
Friendship Acrostic Poem
Students write an acrostic poem about friendship. ..
Key Points
Students identify key points in a story. ..
My Word Book
This is a word book from A-Z. Young students use this to help them spell words correctly. There a..
Non-Fiction Flip Book
Flip books are a fun way for students to show what they know about a non-fiction story. ..
VW Book Report
Cute and fun book report for your students, while still learning. (title, author, Illustrator, se..
Word Family~ail
Students color all the shells that belong to the ail family then cut and paste them around the pa..